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At Visible Changes, we’re proud to house a professional tattoo artist with amazing talent to create unique, personalized designs that reflect your style and personality. You will be comfortable in a private room with a relaxed environment to embrace the beautiful body art you desire. We love seeing all the beautiful art she creates!

About Amber

From her love of art at a young age, Amber knew that being a tattoo artist was in her future. In 2018, she attended the World’s Only Tattoo School.

Amber’s specialty is realism, creating beautiful canvases in gray work and portraits. She also does color work and traditional tattoos, and she can also put her artistic touch to any design, whether it’s a custom tattoo or scar camouflage.

For Amber, tattooing is more than a lifestyle, it’s an art form and a great outlet to express yourself. Life is too short, so get that tattoo and put your soul on display.

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Black and Gray Tattoos: Timeless Elegance

If you’re a fan of subtle sophistication and classic beauty, our black and gray tattoos are perfect for you. This style of tattooing utilizes shades of black and gray to create stunning images with depth, contrast, and a touch of realism. Whether you prefer a delicate floral design or a bold portrait, our artists possess the skill and expertise to create black and gray tattoos that are both visually captivating and enduring.

Color Tattoos: Vibrant Expressions

Embrace the unlimited color palette and let your personality shine with our color tattoos. Be it bold and vibrant or soft and muted, our artists use high-quality pigments to create eye-catching and long-lasting color tattoos. From intricate watercolor pieces to vibrant pop art designs, we excel in bringing your imagination to life through beautifully executed color tattoos that are sure to turn heads.

Tattoo Cover-Up: A Fresh Start

Sometimes, life can bring regrets in the form of unwanted tattoos. As experts in tattoo cover-up, we understand the desire for a fresh start. Our highly skilled artists will work with you to develop a customized design that seamlessly incorporates your existing tattoo into a new, stunning piece of art. With our expertise in strategic color placement and creative design techniques, we can transform your unwanted tattoo into a masterpiece you’ll be proud to display.

Scar Camouflage: Empowerment Through Artistry

Scars can often be reminders of difficult times or moments we’d rather forget. With our scar camouflage services, we aim to empower individuals by providing them with artistic solutions to minimize the appearance of scars. Our artists are experienced in creating scar cover-up tattoos, scar camouflage, scar revision tattoos, and surgical scar tattoos. These services employ a strategic application of pigments to match your natural skin tone, effectively concealing scars and restoring your confidence.

Experience the Visible Changes Difference

At Visible Changes Salon, we go above and beyond to ensure your tattooing journey is comfortable, safe, and memorable. Our studio adheres to strict hygiene standards, utilizing the latest sterilization techniques and equipment. We prioritize providing a welcoming and inclusive environment where our clients can relax and express themselves freely. Our commitment to client satisfaction is unwavering, and we strive to exceed your expectations at every step of the process.

So when it comes to tattoos, trust the experts at Visible Changes Salon in Norfolk, NE. Just contact us today to schedule a consultation or appointment, and let us bring your tattoo vision to life. Whether you’re looking for a custom design or scar camouflage, our skilled artists are ready to provide you with an exceptional experience and stunning results you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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